How much could your athletes benefit from being more powerful?...

“Breakthrough Power Training Program Revolutionizes Success for All Young Athletes”

Discover, step-by-step, how to develop the most coveted trait possessed by the world’s most successful athletes.

Certain athletes stand above the rest, whether it’s running or jumping with explosiveness, breaking tackles or driving the ball out of the park.

When you get right down to it, success in any field or court sport is usually determined by the athlete that generates the most power.

The one who can accelerate so quickly they leave defenders scratching their heads in disbelief.

The one who can jump out of the gym.

After all, if your athletes aren’t powerful enough make the explosive move that gets past the defender (or keeps the offensive player in front of them) then they aren’t going to experience much success.

And neither will your program.

In today’s competitive sports environment, you can’t use the excuse that your athletes weren’t gifted with the power and explosiveness necessary to be competitive.

Because you know your athletes could be more explosive.

They should be more powerful.

It’s why you’re reading this right now.

What’s holding your athletes back isn’t lack of talent or lack of effort.

It’s lack of one simple thing…

Your athletes haven’t been trained properly to develop power.

If you could show them how to correctly perform the movements that result in explosiveness and game changing power, you would completely transform the level of success had by your athletes and your program.

To attain those traits, you just need to have the right tools in your arsenal.

So where do you get them?

The IYCA’s Brand New Resource:

Power Evolution

In this new resource, acclaimed Strength Coaches Robert Dos Remidos and Wil Fleming show you step by step how to develop more powerful, explosive athletes.

You’ll be taught how to re-program your athletes with the specific movements, techniques and proven training programs you need to develop maximum power.

In Power Evolution you’ll discover:

  • Why power training isn’t all a combination of Olympic lifts and plyos for low reps.
  • Coach Dos and Wil’s Top 65 Movements/Exercises demonstrated on video.
  • Dozens of variations with different tools to keep your programs fresh and have the right progression for every situation and every athlete.
  • Exactly why training for power MUST be included in an athlete’s program.
  • The 3 Classes of training for power (Heavy, Light, and Unloaded) how to use each type, what implement to use with each type,  and why training with ALL 3 classes is vital to a program.
  • Innovative ways to use power training from Coach Dos, including complexes and intervals for some of the hardest training sessions imaginable.
  • Much, much more!


Just to give you a sample of the types of Power Movements / Exercises you’ll learn, here’s some of what Coach Dos and Wil cover…

  • Olympic lift movements (and it’s more than just the clean and the snatch)
  • TRX movements for an explosive core and powerful lower body
  • Plyometric movements for explosive leaping and sprinting
  • Medicine ball movements for rotational power
  • Sled movements for explosive sprinting speed
  • Dumbbell movements for explosive power in any gym
  • Kettlebell movements for all around power


You’ll learn the way that Wil and Dos use each implement, including when, why, and how many…

  • The Olympic Lifts
  • Kettlebells
  • Resistance Bands
  • Plyometrics/bodyweight
  • Medicine balls
  • Sandbags


You’ll also receive dozens of sample programs for athletes showing how to use these explosive tools in programming for all athletes, Novice, advanced and from multiple sports.

No coach, trainer or athlete involved in field and court sports can afford to teach or train another day without implementing Coach Dos and Wil’s revolutionary techniques into their program.


What Other Are Saying About Wil & Coach Dos…


The problem today Is not a lack of information – it’s a lack of filtering that information.  So how do you filter information? At this point there is so much information available — that you NEED to filter out as much as you take on board.
My personal filter is to heavily prioritize information that comes from "Real World" Practitioners whose livelihood depends upon delivering results or solving problems (and I’m a fanatic for proof).

It’s that simple. I put my faith in real world results. And that’s why I put my faith in Robert Dos Remedios. With a proven track record, Coach Dos has more subjects come through his laboratory (the weight room and the field), giving him more real world information than you can find almost anywhere. 

Dos is an expert at what he does not because he is a high profile coach that high level athletic talent seeks out to help refine their already considerable skills – no. Dos is an expert because he works with real people in the real world, hundreds of times every single day.
The topic of cardio strength training is as cutting edge as it gets. It’s now proven in the scientific realm that strength training or interval training both outperform aerobic training for conditioning and fat loss.

It’s something that great coaches have known for years.  They had to. Their job – their teams record and their kids futures and scholarships depended on it.

What science hasn’t proven yet is that a strength training-interval training hybrid outperforms both strength and interval training.

It’s something that Coach Dos knows. He has to. Welcome to Dos’s World. Wait for the researchers to catch up….

Alwyn Cosgrove
World renown fitness expert and author


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Wil Fleming for several years, even before he was a world class strength coach and performance coach.  As a teammate and good friend Wil was one of the most explosive and powerful athletes I had ever seen.  It wasn’t all because of great genetics either!

Wil spent many hours in weight room developing this explosive power.  He holds an edge over many coaches due to his experience as a high level athlete and his ability to get the most out of his athletes due to his ability to communicate with them and relate to their experiences.  As a performance coach I have seen Wil work with the same intensity as he did during his athletic career. He is constantly honing his craft, perfecting his coaching ability and seeking new knowledge.  While he is responsible for the development of many elite athletes even more impressive is his ability to take average athletes and make them great.  

I am fortunate enough to have relationships with many of the best strength and performance coaches in the world and I am confident in saying that Wil ranks with the best of them.”

Ryan Ketchum
Force Fitness & Fitness Revolution


Coach Dos is one of the most unique strength coaches in the industry. He is one of the few that is open-minded enough to take in, practice, and evaluate new ideas and question old ones. It is rare to find strength coaches that are willing to be different, not because it is "hip", or cool to do, but rather because they believe that they are constantly evolving and innovating ideas that they will put their name on the line with their athletes. I always get a new way of looking at training whether it is actual exercises, or programming, or a philosophy that impacts the way I develop training programs. I definitely consider myself very fortunate to have Coach Dos as a colleague, mentor, and resource.

Josh Henkin, CSCS,
Creator of Dynamic Variable Resistance Training


“When it comes to power production and olympic lifting, Wil is my go-to resource.  He has revolutionized the way I train myself and my athletes.

As a coach, I thought that I had a pretty good grasp on the olympic lifts given my division I football background, but the details and coaching cues that Wil was able to give me completely changed the way I approach and teach force production.  Using his simple and concise coaching points, I was finally able to help even my most uncoordinated athletes realize their power potential.  

Personally, under his watchful eye, I was able to increase my snatch from 0lbs (yes, zero… I couldn’t even snatch due to technique and mobility issues) to 155lbs.  I also took my clean and jerk from 205lbs to 275lbs in only 8 weeks.”

CJ Easter

Founder & President – The Performance Science Training Institute



Coach Dos has consistently provided cutting-edge, battle-tested,  information to thousands of strength coaches and trainers on and The Strength Coach Podcast.  Besides being one of the most popular guests on the podcast, he has been a mentor to many of our members with his insightful articles, forum posts, workshops and webinars.  He has shown his incredible passion for what he does by always making himself available to help educate young coaches though any means available.  Personally, his "Power Training" book was one of the most influential books for me as a coach starting out. 

Anything Coach Dos does is highly recommended.

Anthony Renna,, StrengthCoachPodcast


“When I think of Wil Fleming a couple of things come to mind.  Olympic lift master, POWER over strength (if you don’t know the difference YOU WILL) and fantastic coach!  Wil has helped me in so many ways as a coach and I am very thankful.  Put simply Wil has a thorough understanding of both power and strength and an impeccable coaching ability.  It is because of these attributes that I try to get my hands on anything and everything that Coach Fleming puts out there.  Don’t even think about it.  It’s WORTH IT!!!”

Dale Speckman
Head Coach/Owner – Athletic Revolution NE Indy


Dos is the boss when it comes to developing powerful athletes. I’ve had the pleasure of both observing him with his sports teams and being on the receiving end of his coaching (though to call the latter "pleasure" in the moment might be inaccurate). One of the heavy barbell clean complexes he put me through has became an essential. Highly recommend snatching up anything he’s selling. 

Jen Sinkler
Strength coach at Movement Minneapolis, longtime fitness editor and founder of


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Simply put, Coach Dos and Wil’s ‘Power Evolution’ System is a hands down, no ifs-ands-or-buts, must have resource for any coach or trainer whose athletes compete in any of the field or court sports.

There is no debate, your athletes must be powerful and explosive if they expect to develop their athletic ability to its full potential.

Regardless of age, gender or sport, the Power Evolution System is the foundation of power training for young athletes.

Give your athletes the edge they deserve and grab Power Evolution today!

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Make today great,

Julie Hatfield
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P.S. – If you are not 100% thrilled with ‘Power Evolution’, simply let us know and we will refund your entire purchase price for up to a full year – that’s 365 days. With the promise of a full refund if you’re not satisfied, there is absolutely NO RISK on your part.


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